Bring your D&D Character to Reality

D&D Character sheets ready, history done, campaign ready, let’s start!  But, wait, how does your character look like? We can describe it, but if we could show a picture to the other players? or even to show a 3D miniature of him/her and play with it? That will be awesome!


 3D Image from Miniature

D&D Character Miniature

Ok, let’s come back to reality, I don’t know how to draw or to design in 3D. Technology is up to your hands to solve these problems. Many companies and geek developers mates have thought about the same problem. They are working on the possibility to build up for you a 3D miniature of your character. You design it with an easy interface, with several parameters like race, shape of the body, different posing, and you can even dress and arm them up as you wish. For sure you should stay up to their premade models but there still a world of possibilities. If you want to know more about, take a look on HeroForge or Imagine 3D Miniatures and have a nice time building your character.


D&D Character Image Design

But if you feel this is a little bit expensive and you don’t love your character so much to afford it, you could always use one of the PJ image creators on the network. Some webs or apps like HeroMachine or CharacterCreator will came to save your day. Anyway, if you don’t mind to have a virtual 3D design, you can always go back to the old trick of taking a screenshot of your favorite rpg computer/console game with character creator. Over the years, if it survives and you became fond with your PJ, you could always go to those 3D printing companies and bring them back to reality.

Would you like to be able to paint your 3D miniatures in order to make them more beautiful and impressive to play? Soon that will be also possible with Syris, our 3D automatic painting machine.

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