Arithmetic operations game

Monstermates is a cooperative game for 2 – 6 players. The game is 10 – 15 min long. The objective is to complete 4 consecutive mathematics equations. Those equations starts with a wrong aswer. The players will solve this equations in a turn-based system. They will use the Cards of Numbers and Symbols in hteir hands to fix the problem. MonsterMates is very versatile: differents modes as Basic, team-based or cooperative, Time trial or Versus. Increase your calculus level with Monstermates!

El guía

Spanish geography game

El Guia is a card game (including a board) where 2-4 players become a tourist guider. The player needs to be the faster into taking their tourist to different locations in Spain. Using the cards tourist will be taken to places as Pyrenees or Alhambra. Tourist can travel using ships, trains or even plains. Thanks to this game Spanish regions and cities can be learnt. Also the most interesting points to visit of those regions. The game is perfect to be played by students at school or home. Adults will also enjoy playing the game. Learning and fun have no limits!


Ecologism game

Ecotales is a game where we are ecologists. We need to save the planet from enviroment disaster. Our world consists on a 6×6 board. We are not able to stop human activities transforming natural enviroments into cities, oil refineries, touristic interesting points. But we can try to keep the pollution level down throught different actions or transformations of the industry. We take the role of an engineer, politician, activist or researcher with uniques habiities to stop the disaster.


Chemical elements game

Quiminó is a card game for 24 players where players try to build different chemical elements emulating the popular and classic game of the Domino. The players uses simple elements to build bigger and more complexe elements. The game is designed to be used o High School but it is also useful on other higher levels. Thanks to this game we will learn chemical elements as Carbon, Hydrogen or water. You will be finally be able to remember periodic table throught a game. Let’s learn chemistry!