Focus on what really matters

Forget about having to check and calculate lots of dice rolls every time. O-Reader makes all calculations for you. So you can enjoy more the strategy of the game, interpretation of your RPG character or narrative of the story, focusing and deepening more in the game.

Speed up your games

O-Reader will do all calculations instantly, regardless of the amount of dices you have rolled or the complexity of the calculation. Just select the dice operation to display in your app (for example: sum, runs greater than 5, less than 2, number of ones, etc) and roll the dices on the O-Reader.



O-Reader is an automatic dice reader tablet. Choose the operations to perform with the dices in the mobile app and roll your dices on the tablet. Immediately O-Reader will show you the results on your device! The tablet is perfect for any type of game where dice are used: strategy games and wargames, role-playing games, board games, etc. The more dices you have to roll and the more difficult the calculations are, then more time you save using O-Reader tablet.



Your own automatic dice counter. Because fun is the important.

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